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We will match any sale price by our competitors.

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on motor orders over $400.00. This includes Aerotech, Cesaroni, Estes and Loki Research.


 New Performance Hobbies Fiberglass Kits!
Awesome new kits like the 6" Der Red Max and Performer 150!
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  7.5" Mosquito from Smokin` Rockets! 
Fiberglass version available! 
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  PML Copilot 2.0 Altimeter 
Developed exclusively for Public Missiles Ltd. by Missile Works Corp! 
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  Performance Hobbies Filament Wound Nosecones 
High quality fiberglass nose cones!
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 LOC Big Cletus - New Kit 
 A New Kit from LOC Precision with the quality you expect!
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Badd AZZ Rocketry Kits
Unique new kits with CNC cut components and awesome designs!
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 Aerotech High Power hardware 29mm through 98mm 20% off!
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Performance Rocketry G12 airframes and couplers in Stock!
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  Missileworks RRC3 in stock!
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29mm Special Aerotech Hardware Package! Includes a 29/240 casing, seal disk, aft closure, a floating forward closure and two grain spacers. Only $59.99!
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Featherweight Altimeters!
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MARS Altimeters!
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 New Aerotech Hardware Specials! First, the 38 Special. It includes a 38/360 casing, one aft closure, two spacers, a special forward closure and threaded forward closure ring for $74.99. This deal is worth more than a hundred dollars. 
New Pro38 Level One hardware Package! Includes one 6 grain XL casing, one 3 grain casing, one XL spacer, two regular spacers and one delay tool, all for only $132.90!
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New Cesaroni Pro 29 3 grain starter set. Includes a 3 grain casing, an aft closure, two grain spacers, one centering ring and one delay kit all for $49.95
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Buy any LOC, or PML kit valued at 95.00, or better and get a Pro 29 4 grain case with aft closure for free.
For upgrade on casing size add $2.00 for 5 grain case, $4.00 for 6 grain case and $6.00 for 6 grain XL.

Checkout new low prices on Aerotech 29/180-240 and 54/852-1706 systems, 29/180, 38/720 and 54/1280 complete motors.
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 Back Issues of Rockets magazines in stock for $5.00 each.
Back issues of High Power Rocketry magazines, $5.00 each
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K & S Parachutes and recovery gear now in stock!!
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Kosdon Reloads now in stock!!
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Aerotech Hardware Seal Disks in stock!
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New Thickwall Couplers!
11.44" x 24" x .190" thickwall couplers $25.00 each
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Quest Z-30 Aerospace plane, special price, just $5 !!
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New!! G-10 and Carbon Fiber wrapped airframes!
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Improved Estes couplers!
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All T-Shirts only $10!
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Tripoli 12 ounce coffee mugs. Black mug with a blue and white Tripoli logo. Makes a great stocking stuffer.
Going fast!


Aerotech 54/2800 hardware in stock!
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Aerotech First Fire ignitors in stock!
For D through J size motors
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 7.5" Chubsy kits (Fat Boy Upscale) in stock!
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Experimental Composite Propellant, By Terry McCreary!
The book you need to learn about making solid propellant. Now in stock! Click here to order!


 G-10 Sheet Stock
1/32" x 12" x 24" $15.00
1/16" x 12" x 24" $20.00
3/32" x 12" x 24" $25.00
1/8" 12" x 24" $30.00
3/16" x 12" x 24" $40.00
1/4" x 12" x 24" $60.00

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NEW! Rail Buttons!
Extreme rail Junior rail button kit, includes (2)rail buttons, (2) stainless screws and (2) expansion mounting plugs, $7.00 per set.
Extreme rail delron kit, includes (2) extreme rail buttons, (2) stainless screws and (2) expansion mounting plugs, $10.00 per set.
Extreme rail aluminum buttons, kit includes mounting hardware same as the delron kit, $10.00 per set.
Compact extreme rail buttons, smaller in diameter to cut down on drag and large appearance. Great for smaller light projects on big motors, where an extreme rail is preferred. Six pack, buttons only, $15.00 set.
Unistrut rail buttons for the BIG and Heavy rockets, two buttons only $12.00 a pair.
Unistrut rail button spacers- great for nosecones that are wider than the airframe. These are $12.00 per set.

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NEW! Aerotech RMS Aft Closure Wrench
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New Cardboard Airframes in stock!
4.5" by 48" Heavy Duty glassein coated cardboard airframes for $25.00 each
7" by 48" Heavy Duty glassein cardboard airframes for full scale Amraams for $40.00 each
9" by 72" Heavy Duty unfinished surface cardboard airframes for $50.00 each
16.5" by 72" H.D. unfinished surface cardboard airframes for $60.00 each

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Aerotech 24/40 and 29/40-120 hardware in stock!
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AeroTech 38mm and 54mm delay kits In Stock!
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New Snap Ring Pliers!
These snap ring pliers will fit any size Kosdon, AMW, APS, DPS, or any experimental snap ring motor application. Only $9.95 each!
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